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Ep. #48: Growing the Crypto Ecosystem with Ella Zhang (Binance Labs)

We managed to catch the very busy Ella Zhang, Head of Binance Labs, on the sidelines of a conference in Singapore to get all the scoop about Binance Labs, what her team has been up to and what they plan to achieve going forward. Tune in to hear about: Ella’s very interesting background and how...

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Ep. #47: Layer 2 Scaling with Jack O’Holleran (CEO Skale Labs)

Following our discussion with Matic Network, we speak to the CEO of Skale Labs which is also trying to build a layer 2 solution to solve the problem of Ethereum Scalability. Tune in to hear about: Evolution of enterprise software – on-premises > cloud > open-source Importance of community for open-source software Implications of AWS...

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Ep. #46: Sharding with Nick White (Co-founder Harmony Protocol)

Following our discussion with the Zilliqa team, we decided to speak to another Blockchain Protocol that is trying to solve the problem of Scalability through Sharding. Hear Nick White, one of the co-founders of Harmony, tell us about what is unique about their Project as well as the IEO that took place recently on the...

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Ep. #45: Smart contracts on Bitcoin with Diego Zaldívar (Rootstock)

We speak to Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, CEO and co-founder of Rootstock or RSK ( and RIF Labs ( Rootstock, most famously, is known for putting smart contract functionality on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Tune in to hear about: Diego’s interesting background and how he got into crypto What Rootstock is and the concept of Merge Mining?...

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Ep. #44: Stablecoin adoption through E-Commerce with Dan Shin (Terra)

We speak to Dan Shin, Co-founder of Terra ( Prior to Terra, Dan is most notably known for being the Founder and Chairman of TMON ( TMON or Ticket Monster is a Unicorn out of South Korea which was started in 2010 and had a mobile first approach to e-commerce. Now Dan is launching a...

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Ep. #43: Crypto in India with the founders of Blockchained India

Given the recent conversations about the Government of India banning Crypto again (, we decided to speak to the co-founders of Blockchained India (, an organisation trying to spread the word of crypto and drive conversations around crypto-regulations Tune in to hear about: How Blockchained India came about and how it’s structured What are the...

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Ep. #42: Sandeep Nailwal from Matic Network (Scalability Solution)

In this episode, we speak top Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder and COO of Matic Network. Matic js one of the leading projects coming out of India and most notably, will be having its token sale on the Binance Launchpad ( in April 24, 2019 Tune in to hear about: Sandeep’s story and how Matic came about...

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Ep. #41: Jason Fang from Sora Ventures at Deconomy 2019

Following our interview with #Hashed from Korea, we speak to another Asian Fund Manager – Jason Fang from Sora Ventures who shuttles between Hong Kong and Shanghai. Fascinating insights about how he went about setting up his fund and what’s happening in China Tune in to hear about: His background and starting his career at...

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