Ep. #40: Baek Kim from #Hashed (Crypto fund in Korea) at Deconomy 2019

We record this episode in an empty locker room that we found on the sidelines of Deconomy 2019 (a Crypto and Blockchain conference in Seoul, South Korea). We speak to Baek Kim who is an Investor at one of the most widely known crypto funds globally, #Hashed.

In this episode, we are also joined by John Riggins who heads up BTC Media’s (https://b.tc/) Asia efforts and who will be a regular host on the Decrypt Asia podcasts.

Tune in to hear about:  

  • Baek’s background, how he got into crypto and how Hashed came about
  • Involvement with Kakao’s Blockchain subsidiary called GroundX and their Blockchain called Klaytn (https://www.klaytn.com/)- note Kakao has 50m+ users for their banking, mobility, beauty verticals with more than 95% penetration rate in South Korea (total population of South Korea around 52m)
  • Involvement with the hugely successful messaging app Line’s Blockchain initiative called Link (https://link.network/)
  • Difference in #Hashed’s strategy in Asia and USA
  • Fund structure of #Hashed and investment strategy
  • Key priorities and goals of #Hashed in the near term
  • Thoughts on where the industry is headed