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Ep. #14: Crypto Twitter, Bitcoin and Proof of Stake Nodes with Meher Roy Pt. 1/2 (Host of Epicenter and Co-founder Chorus One)

Meher is a fellow podcaster and host of Epicenter, one of the most well respected Blockchain podcasts in the industry with guests such as Vitalik Buterin, Adam Back, Gavin Andresen, Ralph Merkle regularly featuring on his show. He has also recently started a new company called Chorus One where his company is building validator nodes for Proof of Stake Blockchain networks such as Cosmos.

Meher is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology or IIT and worked in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry prior to making a switch to the Blockchain world.

Tune in to hear about:

  • Crypto Twitter and why he went off Twitter
  • His background and journey in the Blockchain space
  • How he came across Bitcoin in 2012, was unsuccessful in being able to purchase it
  • The thesis that made him purchase Bitcoin in 2013/14 and how that thesis has turned out wrong
  • The power of compound interest
  • First alt coin he purchased – Ether in 2015
  • His company (Chorus One) and what they are trying to do – Proof of Stake (PoS) validator node for the Cosmos project
  • How validation in PoS networks is the beginning of the fixed income in the cryptocurrency market
  • What will be the total size of the staking market and what percentage of the tokens would Chorus One look to be staked with them
  • What would be the differentiators for validator nodes to capture a greater market share
  • How PoS can lead to greater ‘centralisation’ but why that’s not necessarily a bad thing

Link to Epicenter Podcast:

Youtube link to Epicenter podcast:

Link to his new company:

Ep. #07: Blockchain in Taiwan with Jon Jones (CEO/Founder Blockcamp, Blockcity and Taiwan Blockchain Alliance)

We get all the scoop of developments in the Blockchain space in Taiwan from Jon Jones. Jon is the founder of the Taiwan Blockchain Alliance and the CEO of Blockcamp, a Blockchain incubator and ICO consulting firm. In addition, he is also a co-founder at Blockcity, the largest Blockchain and fintech event in Taiwan. Finally, Jon is the President of the Taiwan chapter of the Government Blockchain Association, a non-profit that works for the advancement and adoption of Blockchain technology in the public sector.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. How Jon landed up in Taiwan and how started the Taiwan Entrepreneur Club
  2. How that lead to Jon finding out about Bitcoin Ethereum and the Blockchain technology
  3. Blockcamp incubator – the kind of projects they take on and the projects they have worked with
  4. Blockcity event (Taiwan Blockchain festival) – participants, the projects that participated and topics discussed
  5. Views of the Government of Taiwan and how Jon is working together with one of the legislators from the Taiwan Government to speed up the process to create the right regulatory environment
  6. Taiwan as a strategic location for Blockchain projects (proximity to China)

Links to the projects run by Jon:

Blockcamp (LinkedIn)

Taiwan Blockchain Alliance (LinkedIn)

Jon’s LinkedIn

Ep. #02: ICO advisory with Sukrit Khatri (Kenetic Capital)

In this episode we speak to Sukrit Khatri, an ICO advisor with Kenetic Capital (a Hong Kong based ICO advisory firm as well as a Blockchain Venture Capital and Crypto fund). Sukrit tells us about his role, what a typical day for him looks like, how much cryptocurrency he holds and his outlook on the Blockchain space in general. We dive into the typical stages of an ICO and discuss about the criteria that Kenetic deploys prior to taking on new projects.

Sukrit’s LinkedIn profile

Ep. #00: Who we are

In this short episode, we will talk about the motivations behind starting this podcast, who should listen, and what you can expect to gain out of Decrypt.